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USAID Contribution

Development Grants Program Global Evaluation Summary

Thomas Dichter

This is a background paper for the November 2012 USAID Experience Summit on Strengthening Country Systems.

Between September 2010 and March 2011, Thomas Dichter was commissioned to undertake a global evaluation of the first round of Development Grants Program (DGP) grants. Dichter visited 9 countries on 4 continents and met with the USAID Missions in each, as well as with 31 of the original 59 DGP grantees. The evaluation’s broad conclusions covered three major areas:

  1. The work of the grantees themselves
  2. The Missions’ approach to the DGP
  3. The process through which grantees were to access capacity development

The report concluded with 11 pages of specific recommendations (over 70 in all) for changes in USAID that would better align the DGP with its original congressionally mandated purpose, as well as with Objective Two of Implementation and Procurement Reform (IPR). This summary paper contains a selection of the most important of these.

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