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USAID Contribution

A Discovery Report on Learning in USAID/Washington


Creating a culture of learning involves changing the way staff conducts its work. To gain a better sense of how learning is already happening at USAID, the LER Office recently completed an in-depth study on the state of learning in USAID’s Washington headquarters.

While LER’s larger learning initiative covers all parts of USAID, this report shares findings specific to how USAID/Washington employees currently integrate learning into their technical practice. The findings begin to explain how employees generate knowledge within regional and technical bureaus, how this knowledge is organized across the Agency, how it is shared, and finally, how knowledge is applied to improve future work.

This report includes documentation of both research findings and the process by which the study was conducted. It also provides a snapshot of how the LER Office will begin to develop a long-term strategy for strengthening technical practice supported by a robust learning culture.

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