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The DRG Tipping Point Virtual Think Tank Series

The Center for Democracy Human Rights and Governance

From February to June 2020, the DRG Center is hosting a series of virtual panel discussions titled "The DRG Tipping Point."  

These virtual interviews focus on the overlooked but surprisingly critical factors that increase impact and transform DRG programming. At the links below, you will find each session recording as well as the resources provided therein. With a new episode premiering on the first Tuesday of each month, a new recording and resource list will be generated accordingly. 

Click here to access Session 1: The Untapped Power of Local Philanthropy

Click here to access Session 2: Adaptive Management-The Promises and Perils of Integrated Approaches

Click here to access Session 3: The Power of Storytelling

Click here to access Session 4: The Change that Transforms: Reaching Goals Through Social and Behavioral Change

Click here to access Session 5: YouthQuake: Leveraging the Power of Youth in Civic and Political Engagement

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