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The DRG Webinar Series: Session Five

The Center for Democracy Human Rights and Governance

This webinar is part of The DRG Tipping Point Virtual Think Tank Series, a monthly webinar series from February to June 2020. Check out the full series here, which will be updated following each session.

June 2020 - YouthQuake: Leveraging the Power of Youth in Civic and Political Engagement

This webinar, as the last session of the DRG Tipping Point Series, focuses on the unexpectedly powerful impact of leveraging youth in civic and political engagement for DRG outcomes.  It explores the critical questions of how to engage and improve the integration of youth in DRG programs, and address common mistakes when designing DRG programs for or with youth.  The session features Mike McCabe from the DRG Center and Abella Bateyunga from the Tanzania Bora Initiative as a guest speaker.

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