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The DRG Webinar Series: Session Three

The Center for Democracy Human Rights and Governance

This webinar is part of The DRG Tipping Point Virtual Think Tank Series, a monthly webinar series from February to June 2020. Check out the full series here, which will be updated following each session.

April 2020 - The Power of Storytelling

This session focuses on the unexpected ways that storytelling can and does catalyze development. During this session, Lead Communications and Outreach Specialist Jessica Benton Cooney identifies two methodologies of how to recognize a "good" story in DRG Programming. Guest speaker and world-renowned photographer Marco Bollinger then provides an example of how to capture a good story. Finally, Jessica Benton Cooney concludes the session by providing two platforms where international development professionals can share stories from their own programming. A list of links and resources provided in the session can be found below:


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