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Community Contribution

Integration of CBT into Bangladesh’s Family Planning Public System

Marufa Aziz Khan

Following decades of progress in Bangladesh, demand for and access to family planning (FP) services have plateaued. While quality family planning services is the key to overcoming the plateau, many FP providers lack the confidence and skills to meet their clients’ need by providing standard and high-quality FP services. To close this gap; enhance the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of Bangladesh’s FP workforce; and achieve national FP goals, USAID’s Shukhi Jibon project has collaborated with the government of Bangladesh to introduce competency-based training (CBT). CBT is a learn-by-doing training approach that fortifies Bangladesh’s training system by focusing on strengthening the capacity of the trainers themselves.

To effectively integrate CBT within Bangladesh’s national FP training system, Shukhi Jibon engaged in a systematic learning process that leveraged extensive internal and external collaboration—with project sub-team colleagues, implementing partners, and Bangladesh’s National Institute of Population Research and Training (NIPORT), Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP), and Directorate General of Healt Think of this section as an executive summary or abstract. For best results, write this last. If your case is a winner or finalist, this summary could be featured on a poster or in a USAID Learning Lab blog post, so it needs to make sense on its own and spark interest in reading more about your case. Be sure to spell out all acronyms in this section.

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