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Community Contribution

Integration for Maximum Results

Anastasia Buyanova

USAID/Honduras is using CLA for its integration approach under Development Objective 2 (DO2) “Extreme poverty sustainably reduced for vulnerable populations in western Honduras,” of the USAID/Honduras Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS). USAID/Honduras' CDCS was approved in December 2014 and focused interventions into two geographical areas. DO2 is focused on six departments in western Honduras and on reducing extreme poverty. Some DO2 activities, such as Feed the Future, were already present and working in western Honduras at the time of CDCS approval, but others had to reorient themselves to working in the new geographic area.  Concentrating so many diverse activities into one geographic region led the Mission to think about how activities could work together. The Mission, through DO2, decided to embrace the integration approach and to directly work with implementing partners, helping them share information, identify ways they could work together and recognize synergies that increase effectiveness and results. The CLA components of collaboration, both internal and external, and a culture of openness and trust were instrumental in making the integration approach a success.

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