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Community Contribution

An Internal Collaborating, Learning and Adapting Case Competition

Jessica Shearer, Ankita Meghani, Andi Sutter
CLA Case Competition Red Winner Ribbon

The MOMENTUM Routine Immunization Transformation and Equity project used collaborating, learning, and adapting extensively to support the unprecedented introduction and scale-up of COVID-19 vaccination services across 19 countries. In the context of the emergency COVID-19 vaccination response, the project had not systematically documented and learned from implementing collaborating, learning, and adapting approaches. In order to improve the project’s documentation and the sharing of these collaborating, learning, and adapting experiences; and to continue to support skills and culture in collaborating, learning, and adapting; the project launched an internal collaborating, learning, and adapting case competition. This submission describes the internal case competition which could be replicated by other projects. The competition received 54 entries from nine countries, including many submissions from local partners. It succeeded in documenting examples of collaborating, learning, and adapting; enabling sharing and learning across the project; and strengthening the culture and skills necessary to collaborating, learning, and adapting.

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