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Community Contribution

Local Capacity Strengthening Case Study: Cooperative Development Program

Kristina Rappaport

This document is a case study from the Cooperative Development Program (CDP), housed in the DDI Bureau's Local, Faith, and Transformative Partnerships Hub at USAID. The case study illustrates Principle 4 of the Local Capacity Strengthening Policy, which is "Align capacity strengthening with local priorities." Focusing on the experience of CDP's US-based partner, Equal Exchange, this case study details how Equal Exchange listened to and responded to the priorities of local cooperatives, who sought to further enhance the environmental, gender, and youth components of their operations. As the Local Capacity Strengthening Policy is principles-based, it's helpful to understand the variety of contexts and programmatic sectors in which its principles can be applied as we seek to implement the Policy across the breadth of the Agency's local capacity strengthening efforts.

For more information on the Cooperative Development Program, see their webpage here: 

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