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Community Contribution

Outcomes for Money (OxM): An Unorthodox Analysis of Value for Money


This experimental methodology takes a fresh look at the notion of value for money, by redefining ‘value’ as the changes experienced in terms of new knowledge, attitudes and behaviour. Shifting the focus from what has been delivered to what has been achieved brings the analysis closer to the daily realities of beneficiaries. This primarily visual analysis does not deliver a verdict of good or bad VfM but instead compares the changes experienced by our communities, with the reach attained by the programme and the investment made; laying the foundations for deeper reflection that combines the drive to efficiency with that for programme quality and sustainability. The more programmatic and intuitive nature of this analysis proved more engaging for programme implementers, enabling them to reflect on the challenges and trade-offs between economic considerations, reach and programme quality; giving rise to strong analysis, compelling arguments and some intriguing what-ifs.

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