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Community Contribution

PIVOT: Integrating DEIA+B to Improve Workplace Culture and Equity

Amy Lovejoy, Tanya Hurst,

Achieving sustainable development and humanitarian outcomes relies on emphasizing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility + Belonging (DEIA+B) for all. Through the innovative development and refinement of leadership skills and by building high-trust relationships, DEIA+B is not only an essential component of the PIVOT approach, but a core value woven into the DNA of PIVOT. 

This infographic summarizes how the Practical, InnoVative, On-the-Job Technical Support (PIVOT), a demand-driven, holistic, and immersive learning-by-doing approach to mobilizing Agency-wide strategies and priority frameworks, is improving workplace culture and equity by integrating DEIA+B into its design.

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