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Community Contribution

Rethinking Private Sector Engagement in North Macedonia

Mirjana Makedonska

Working to move North Macedonia forward on its journey to self-reliance, the USAID Business Ecosystem Project (BEP), implemented by Palladium Group, is designed to increase private sector investment in strengthening domestic supply chains and workforce development. BEP’s initial strategy mandated that the Project mobilize CSR funds from investors and large international corporations towards this goal, but it quickly became evident that such investments would be neither strategic nor sustainable. To achieve a lasting impact on North Macedonia’s business ecosystem, BEP needed to partner with companies that were better positioned to recognize the link between local economic development and their own business interest.

Note: This year's case competition entry form included a new question about whether or not the highlighted CLA approach(es) contribute to a country’s Journey to Self-Reliance.The response to this question was not scored as part of the judging process.

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