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Start-up Guidance for USAID Biodiversity Activities

Marco Flores

These short documents, generated by the USAID Forestry and Biodiversity Office and its Measuring Impact initiative, provide a simple reference for USAID activity managers, and implementing partners to organize an efficient Activity Start-up phase, with an emphasis on theory of change centered programming, evidence generating practices, and specific deliverables from this important initial phase of program implementation.  Though developed by the Forestry and Biodiversity Office, the concepts, practices and tips included apply to other development sectors within USAID.

Start-up Guidance for USAID Biodiversity Activities – A Process Overview: This document describes the main steps involved in initiating a new biodiversity or integrated activity, including a theory of change workshop.  This 2-pager explains the core tasks and provides important tips and considerations for each step.  

Tips for USAID Biodiversity Activity Start-Up (Steps 3-5): This document provides recommendations for developing theory of change-based activity work plans and monitoring, evaluation, and learning plans using results chains during activity start-up. It also includes some recommendations on how to enhance the learning components of activity implementation. Use in combination with the “Process Overview” handout. 

For questions please contact: Marco Flores or [email protected]

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