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USAID DRG 2017 Learning Agenda


The USAID Democracy, Human Rights and Governance (DRG) Learning Agenda is a set of research questions in priority development areas for which the DRG Center intends to organize and disseminate existing data, generate new evidence, and produce conclusions and recommendations through academic research, program evaluations, and multi-method tests of the assumptions and theories of change that guide DRG programming. The Learning Agenda is intended to organize and generate evidence to inform USAID DRG strategic planning, project design, and in-service training efforts.

The 2017 Learning Agenda consists of some questions that have been carried over from the 2016 list, as well as new ones that reflect emerging priorities in the DRG sector. The list was informed by ongoing DRG research and evaluation efforts and developed through a consultative process that involved the DRG Center’s Learning Agenda Advisory Group, colleagues in other Bureaus, and field staff.

Throughout 2017, the DRG Center will focus on disseminating findings from its 2016 and 2017 learning activities, with the goal of encouraging the use of learning products as USAID Mission staff members design programs and engage in strategic planning. 

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