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Community Contribution

Using Evaluation Tracking to Create a Learning and Adapting Culture in Senegal

Lisa Slifer-Mbacke and Fatou Thiam

USAID Missions are required to develop a tracking system for evaluation recommendations in order to document learning and adapting of activities. USAID/Senegal's Program Office developed a database system to document learning and regularly update progress in adapting activities based on evaluation recommendations.
The process for developing the database took two years and faced a number of challenges. Initially, the system was developed, hosted and managed by the Senegal Monitoring and Evaluation Project (MEP), managed by MSI. The initial system was slow to be used by the Mission. MSI staff tried to ensure data was up to date but were not well positioned to track adaptations made based on recommendations. Once the Program Office hired a data knowledge management specialist who began to work with the technical offices to update the tracker, Mission ownership of the system began.

As the system began to be actively used, revisions were made by MSI to simplify user interface making RINO more intuitive for Mission staff. The transition of the RINO system to the Mission required an Authority to Operate from the Mission/Chief Information Officer. The process took approximately one year requiring close collaboration between the Program Office staff and MSI staff.

Currently, the system is used in Mission Portfolio Reviews to track the progress of adaptations made based on recommendations. In the future, the Mission plans to use the tracker for meetings with the Government of Senegal and Implementing Partners to assess adaptations made to activities based on evaluation recommendations.

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