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Community Contribution

Women in Transition


Describe The Approaches Utilized To Measure / Assess This KM Initiative: 

I am trying to establish a network, a local one where local and international actors are involved. I intend to organize the courses, trainings, to explain and teach different topics related to the actual concepts, phenomena, to make analysis of the past and the future, to insert new methods and techniques of teaching and learning. The target groups in this case will be different people, different ages, considering their backgrounds and interest to know and widen their horizon. We need to open the minds of the people, to make them learn about new processes and situations we are passing. Moreover, my intention is to put together the knowledge and skills I possess with whatever new will be presented in order to be able to actively participate in the diplomatic affairs of the state and to strengthen and develop my capacities in the fields mentioned, the ways and methods of designing the framework for LG apparatus in the current Albanian society. Such capacities will assume greater professional skills and responsibilities; widen my horizon and broaden my perspectives in the fields of decentralization.


Education, Communism & Gender Development

What Do You Think Are The Main Unanswered Questions Or Challenges Related To This Field Of Work?: 

As a result of this brief case study, many questions and challenges lay ahead. How do we design the framework for local governance to include more of the citizens? What are the best methods to strengthen and develop society? How do we empower women in our communities and create a more proactive grassroots approach? Hopefully, some incite will be imparted through knowledge sharing and management but as for change in mentality, only time will tell.

What Was The Purpose Or Motivation For Assessing This KM Initiative?: 

Albania is still a young democracy that is in dire need of positive direction. It has made great progress in the recent past but many still cling to the old ideals and mentalities. As a proud professional, mother and citizen I want continued progress for my country.

What Were The Most Important Lessons Learned About The Assessment Process?: 

Despite the unstable situation and unfavorable one, I am an emancipated woman now, perhaps more than Albanian politics; I am able to discuss problems and find ways to solve them. Albanian women, in any position whatsoever, want to grow and develop. The three L-s, have served as my motto for all my life, Long Life Learning, has always been based on my being a woman, a wife and above all a good mom. It is important to always keep learning and convey that to your family and society. It is not always easy but it is always necessary.

What Would You Do Differently Next Time?: 

Next time, I would like to gain more input from other men and women through interviews and surveys to track the experience of others in my society and compare it to my own. Ideally, this would also provide some raison d'être on how community members feel toward education, the new political process, gender roles, as well as the past political system and lifestyle.

Describe The KM Initiative: 

As Barbara Ferris, IWDC (International Women’s Democracy Center) states “In order for any nation to achieve its full economic, social and political potential, all of her citizens must have an equal oportunity to participate in the democratic process“. An academic career has always crossed my mind. But, like many students in Albania, I was unable to pursue my real interests since meaningful courses in areas such as politics, law, diplomacy, international relations or else simply did not exist. It was only with the revolutionary events of 1990-1992 that the educational system began to show signs of change. It was also the exact time that I decided to commit myself in educational procedures. For four years I have been trying very hard to finish my PhD. It is a long process, bureaucracy, especially here in Albania, where you are equal by law, but in reality women have much more difficulty obtaining a goal. Or, to live in Shkodra and to be successful with procedures in Tirana is very difficult! This is because a person from another city is seen one way or another as inferior to Tirana people, so a kind of discrimination. We must not forget the so-called “positive discrimination” regarding women in general. This in fact is something which has to do with culture and mentality, without forgetting our history, the fact that we are Balkans and the 45 years under communism. All these facts make proper work and difficulties harder. I serve as a case study myself.

What Advice Would You Give To Others Based On Your Experience?: 

We have to unite, to organize, to widen our capacity and our horizon. Women must see themselves as competing among each other and not as opponents; women have to disagree with the stereotype of “weak gender” or “real victim” of tradition or society. Therefore it is important for all women to work together to raise the awareness in our societies about the fact that in our journey, as a society, we have to “civilize" mentalities, behaviors and to “open our minds” in terms of the woman and her deserved position.




This case was submitted as part of the KM Impact Challenge in 2011. The challenge was sponsored by USAID's Knowledge-Driven Microenterprise Development project, as a key part of the project’s Assessing & Learning component, which sought to improve the understanding of how investing in learning can increase and extend the overall impact of USAID's development efforts.

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