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Top 10 CLA Resources

Periodically, USAID Bureau of Policy, Planning, and Learning practice team for Collaborating, Learning and Adapting will update the CLA toolkit Top 10 List to highlight tools that are particularly timely, we think are useful, and data indicates are accessed often. 

Check out this list to see which resources Learning Lab users have turned to most often!

  1. CLA Framework, Maturity Tool and Spectrum Handouts
  2. CLA Maturity Tool Facilitator Resources
  3. Designing and Facilitating Learning-Focused Meetings
  4. A Guide to Hiring Adaptive Employees
  5. Incorporating CLA in Solicitations
  6. Designing CLA Services in Support Activities
  7. Data Placemat Resources for R/CDCS Mid-course Stocktakings and Portfolio Review
  8. How-To Note: Planning and Conducting Site Visits
  9. Facilitating Pause & Reflect
  10. Incorporating CLA in Activity Management