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Lessons (Actually) Learned Blog Series

Jeff Bloem was a Higher Education Solutions Network Fellow with the U.S. Global Development Lab in summer 2016. My first professional experience in the field of international development was working as the M&E specialist for a small NGO in Western Kenya. The NGO was... read more
Blog | Feb 15, 2017 | Learning Lab | MERLIN
Last month, implementing partners of the Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Innovations (MERLIN) program sent representatives to meet with USAID/Uganda to discuss challenges and opportunities in monitoring and evaluating the Mission’s new Country Development and... read more
Blog | Feb 9, 2017 | Learning Lab | MERLIN
An intro to adaptive learning, experimentation and the Rapid Feedback MERL mechanism Evidence about what actually works in improving education outcomes is lacking, as noted in a recent 3ie systematic review. An example of how this plays out in practice is in Early Grade... read more
Blog | Jan 26, 2017 | Learning Lab | MERLIN
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