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Look No Further: New Guide and Toolkit are One-Stop Shop for Activity-level Pause and Reflect Processes

Mar 26, 2024
USAID Biodiversity Division

Pause and reflect processes are a key component of adaptive management, which USAID’s Biodiversity Division and Missions have embraced in their efforts to improve conservation effectiveness. USAID championed this new practice for biodiversity programming with the support of the Measuring Impact (MI) and Measuring Impact II (MI2) contracts. Now, the Biodiversity Division is sharing its pause and reflect resources and guidance with the broader USAID and implementing partner community. The Pause and Reflect Good Practices Guide and Toolkit are available on Learning Lab and BiodiversityLinks in both English and Spanish.

The Good Practices Guide for Pause and Reflect in the Activity Cycle is focused on group-based, activity-level pause and reflect processes meant to inform activity learning and annual work planning. Its framework is useful for facilitators looking to help teams digest what happened during the past implementation year and make informed decisions to support adaptive management in the next one.

The Pause and Reflect Toolkit is a companion to the Guide. It is a collection of resources to help teams learn from their biodiversity conservation and development work and adapt accordingly. It starts with a worksheet to help users choose the best pause and reflect process for their audience. Then, it provides the appropriate templates and guidance to implement the chosen pause and reflect activity . The toolkit is a one-stop shop for new and experienced facilitators alike.

Whether you're just starting to think about pause and reflect processes or are a seasoned learning professional, these resources can help you continue to apply adaptive management best practices to your work to contribute to improved development outcomes.