Where to Go for Research Evidence

Nov 13, 2019 by Lily Sweikert Comments (0)

Are you looking for research evidence to inform your development programming? You’re in luck. The Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC), a free, publicly available, and searchable database, recently added a list of more than 15,700 USAID-funded and USAID-affiliated peer-reviewed research publications to its collection.

Maybe you work in global health and are interested in reading about USAID-supported research on the transmission of HIV, malaria, or tuberculosis. Or, perhaps you’re addressing wildlife trafficking and you want to learn about methods to engage the local community. Simply click the link above and type in your search terms. You could also search by country or region to see the research evidence produced through USAID support.

USAID is committed to increasing public access and usability of USAID-funded data and research evidence, in compliance with the Foundations of Evidence-based Policymaking Act and the Public Access Plan.

Now, the general public can more easily find USAID-funded research evidence to draw on to inform future development policies and programming. The addition of this collection to the DEC is an example of the Agency’s commitment to increasing public access and usability of USAID-funded data and research.

We are thrilled to be able to provide improved access to these USAID-supported research publications. The successful publication of these journal articles is a testament to the variety and quality of USAID-supported research, including locally-generated research, supporting many countries’ journeys to self-reliance.