Developing Country-Specific Gender Monitoring Indicators for Men and Women

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Emily Janoch, Emily Hilenbrand, Pranati Mohanraj, Steff Deprez
Date Published:
September 28, 2015
Community Contribution

The challenge that CARE sought to address in Malawi was to take forward the rich findings from a previously conducted, qualitative Mid-term Review so that instead of becoming a one-off exercise, the evaluation would rather feed into the development of user-friendly monitoring tools that could help program staff be alert to and promote some of the smaller, incremental behavior changes (Progress Markers, in Outcome Mapping methodology) that indicate men’s and women’s progress toward greater gender equality.

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This case study was submitted as part of USAID's CLA Case Competition, held in August 2015. This collection of examples illustrate the diversity of ways collaborating, learning, and adapting approaches are being operationalized in the field. To view more CLA cases like this one, visit the CLA Case Competition page