Gender 101: Gender Equality at USAID

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November 1, 2013
USAID Contribution

After completing this course, USAID staff will acquire a holistic view of gender equality — they will be able to describe what it is and the policies enacted by USAID to implement it into the workplace and in programming. Staff will also understand why it's important, and the roles and responsibilities of every USAID employee to implement and promote it.

Please note: The Gender 101 course is managed by USAID University. If you any questions or need additional assistance with this module, please contact the Office of Human Capital and Talent Management (HCTM) Center for Professional Development (CPD) at 703-310-0695 or by email at hr-[email protected]

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It's a course I have always appreciated
posted 6 years ago

I have always enjoyed participating in courses related to Gender Issues

posted 6 years ago

Greetings all! I am a part of the Learning Lab team and the KDAD project that worked with the Gender team in developing this course last year. Its great to hear that the course has been beneficial to you all. And just a FYI...the other 2 courses which are a part of this series should be available on USAID University later this summer. The Gender 103 course will be launched first. This course will be geared toward gender advisors to help develop professional expertise on integrating gender in all of USAID’s work.

posted 6 years ago
Lyn Neylon wrote:

For USAID staff, the online training "Gender 103: Roles and Responsibilities of Mission Gender Advisors and POCs" out of the Office of Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment (GenDev) is now up in USAID University. Gender 102 is out of a different office at USAID, and should be up in the fall.

posted 6 years ago

Dear Ms. Neylon,

Thank you for posting this announcement. It's great to hear that more gender-related online trainings are available.

Best regards,
Cydney Gumann, Learning Lab Team

posted 6 years ago

Hi, I have completed the course, the pie is complete the score has been acheived and I have completed all the screens. The box at the bottom says click next to contniue, but this arrow is not active. What do I do next please. I do not want to exit fearing the site won't register me as having completed the course. Any quick help is much appreciated. Thanks

posted 5 years ago

I have completed the gender 101 course but cant seem to be able to register my name before i exit. please what do i do?

posted 5 years ago

Completed the course Gender 101 but can't register my name before exiting!

posted 3 years ago

The course provides abudant of interesting information on Gender. I appreciate it.

posted 2 years ago

I have just completed the course. i can't see certificate.

Pls assist. 

posted 2 years ago
I have completed the course, how do I get my certificate?
posted 2 years ago

I have completed the course Gender 101, but how can i get the certificate.

posted 2 years ago

i have finished the cource but i cant see the cert

posted 2 years ago


posted 2 years ago
Juma Nyale wrote:

I completed the course of Gender 101 but i didnt receive a certificate while i scored 85+ please help me get that certificate.

posted 2 years ago

I have completed the course and score more than 85% but i dont see any certificate, what should i do to get the certificate?

posted 2 years ago

i have completed the course. please let me know how I will get the certificate

posted A year ago

Is this course still runing? I am trying to participate please advise how I can proceed. 

posted 9 months ago

How do I get the course certificate after completing it?

posted 8 months ago

I have completed the course and score more than 85% but i dont see any certificate, what should i do to get the certificate? please help.

posted 8 months ago