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Data Storage and Security

Proper data storage and security are critical to protecting data integrity, optimizing data usability, and safeguarding potentially sensitive or personally identifiable information.

Data storage and security standards are governed by a combination of programmatic needs, USAID policy, U.S. Government (USG) policy, and independent institutions such as the Institutional Review Board (IRB). For additional guidance about USAID’s Privacy Policy, see ADS 508.

Data storage and security systems can range from simple hard copy files locked in file cabinets, to a password protected spreadsheet, to a sophisticated cloud based management system with role based access controls.

For guidance on USAID’s open data policy, USAID staff and partners should refer to ADS 579. ADS 579 provides a framework for systematically collecting Agency-funded data in a central repository, structuring the data to ensure usability and making the data public, while ensuring rigorous protections for privacy and security.

Guidance and Tools