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Advancing Democracy in Online Space Webinar

Civil Society and Media Division, The Center for Democracy Human Rights and Governance

How are we currently working online? Almost all of our DRG programs have some component working online, be it a civil society messaging campaign, a campaign to counter violent extremism online, or support to independent media that operates online.

In our increasingly connected life, the online space is an integral part of our everyday life and the distinction between online and offline is increasingly blurred. But the strategies to operate successfully online are not just about having an "online presence", but about how to use data, and to use it effectively; and this does raise new ethical complexities and questions.

Please join us and our partner from the University of Notre Dame in a discussion on how to explain some of the points raised above. We will also highlight a case study from a DRG Center-supported activity "Media Literacy for New Digital Arrivals" to illustrate how these strategies might be put into practice.

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