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Community Contribution

The Civil Society Innovation Initiative's Process Historian Approach to CLA

Claire Daley, Komal Bazaz Smith

In 2014, USAID and Sida launched the Civil Society Innovation Initiative (CSiI), to support new and established approaches to promote, strengthen, and connect a vibrant, pluralistic, and rights-based civil society. To date, CSiI has convened donors, implementers, and over 250 civil society actors to co-create one global and six regional civil society hubs. This case demonstrates the integration of CLA principles across the program cycle of a global, multi-donor initiative.

CLA Approach:
We piloted the Process Historian approach, which draws on a combination of CLA subcomponents, including CLA in Implementing Mechanisms, Knowledge Management, Pause & Reflect, and Continuous Learning and Improving.

- An interactive learning platform documenting a new model for regional and network initiatives for USAID.
- Leveraged funding for additional learning and capacity building to enable continuous learning and improvement.
- Increased and improved internal and external collaboration.

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