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The DRG Webinar Series: Session One

The Center for Democracy Human Rights and Governance

This webinar is part of The DRG Tipping Point Virtual Think Tank Series, a monthly webinar series from February to June 2020. Check out the full series here, which will be updated following each session.

February 2020 - The Untapped Power of Local Philanthropy

This session explores ways that local philanthropy can help countries on their journey to self reliance. Civil society and ordinary citizens play a key role in self reliance; they are essential in helping ensure transparency and accountability in government, and the  effective use of state resources. Furthermore, civil society and citizens in a democracy contribute to financial self-reliance through local philanthropy by mobilizing their own assets for development. This session explores how promoting Local Philanthropy can help ensure local buy-in, generate trust, and strengthen the sustainability of joint efforts to help countries advance on their journeys to self reliance. Featuring David Jacobstein and Lauren Kirby with special guest Megan McGlynn Scanlon. A list of links and resources provided in the session can be found below:

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