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USAID Contribution

Integrating the Journey to Self-Reliance into Project Design


At USAID, a project is defined as a set of complementary activities that, together, can achieve a development result. A Mission’s suite of projects provides its operational plan for achieving the objectives of its Country Development Cooperation Strategy.

Project design will look and feel different when done from a Journey to Self-Reliance (J2SR) angle. What is unique about the self-reliance vision is that it changes the nature of our partnerships by identifying the strategic partners best positioned to advance self-reliance and share accountability for results. The J2SR lens also gives a heightened emphasis to in-country resourcing, with enterprise-driven growth as a key driver. Finally, it places local systems at the heart of achieving sustainable, resilient results.

Read this 2-pager to learn more about how USAID is integrating J2SR into project design.