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Community Contribution

Intro to Applied Political Economy Analysis for Somalia Access to Justice


This short introduction to an applied political economy analysis is from the Somalia Expanding Access to Justice program, implemented by Freedom House in consortia with Pact. This introduction is worth sharing because it lays out the framing of the PEA to explicitly connect it to how it will be used, and updated, over the course of programming. The PEA lens is connected to the theory of change behind the project such that the usefulness, and plans to maintain knowledge as appropriate, are part of the product and of the way it informs programming rather than a distinct report.

Setting up the task with this framing makes the resulting product significantly more actionable and practical, and helps everyone from researchers to implementation team to the donor immediately make sense of what is worth discovering and why it will be useful in day-to-day work. For specific findings or additional information, please contact Sean Allen at [email protected].

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