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Knowledge Management Sustainability Tracker


What is this?

This document outlines a systematic and intentional approach to managing the transfer of skills and knowledge in order to support sustainable organizational outcomes. Each section has a brief description of what should be contained in it.

When should this be used?

This tool is intended to be used throughout the tenure of a staff member from the beginning of their tenure to the end. Even if the document cannot be completed at the beginning of a role, it can be updated at any time during the role and plays a role in supporting a systematic and intentional approach to sustainable knowledge and skill transfer.

Who should use this tool?

Any staff member that wishes to be systematic and intentional in their efforts to share skills and knowledge with their colleagues. This includes staff who are in time-limited positions or secondments such as advisors within missions. 

This resource is also part of the Knowledge Retention and Transfer (KRT) Toolkit. Click here to visit the KRT Toolkit.

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