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OAPA Knowledge Management Solution: A Case of Enabling Process to Eliminate Risk


To support the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs (OAPA) with the critical responsibility of preparing congressional responses efficiently and effectively, the IBM Business Analysis Team adapted an Agency resource to serve as a knowledge management solution. Employing key collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) concepts throughout the implementation process, the team combined this framework with their expertise in process improvement, data-driven decision-making, employee engagement, and knowledge management. The end result, an ASIST Congressional Affairs Knowledge Management solution, bolsters OAPA's CLA enabling conditions, including institutional memory, knowledge management, and relationships and networks.

Tools such as the ASIST Congressional Affairs Knowledge Management solution improve underlying business processes, allowing USAID’s development experts to more effectively, efficiently, and enjoyably complete their work. However, these reforms require a culture that is open to continuous learning, improvement, collaboration, and adaptation, as well as a consistent investment in dedicated resources with the right roles and skills to take on implementation. In this case, OAPA's investment has resulted in critical knowledge capture, search, analysis, and storage becoming much more efficient, accessible, and effective.

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