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Operationalizing Adaptive Management: What it takes. Why it matters.

Mercy Corps

Development actors increasingly agree that managing programs adaptively – especially complex interventions – can improve their effectiveness. A growing body of evidence supports this claim. But what does adaptive management look like in practice? What does it require of managers and donors to make happen? How can we reconfigure incentives and success metrics to support adaptation, while remaining compliant?

Over the past three years, Mercy Corps has invested significant internal resources to explore these questions in order to advance the impact of our programs for the communities we serve.

Emma Proud, Senior Advisor for Economic & Market Development for Corps, and Christopher Maclay, Program Manager for Youth Programs at Mercy Corps - Liberia lead this discussion. Emma reflects on Mercy Corps’ experience with the USAID/Food For Peace program, “Growth, Health & Governance” in Northern Uganda, while Chris reflectd on the USAID/OFDA program “Ebola Community Action Platform.” 


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