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Partnership for the Conservation of Amazon Biodiversity, Indicators FAQ

Amy E Daniels

USAID/Brazil supports the Partnership for the Conservation of Amazon Biodiversity (PCAB) as its flagship program in close collaboration with the Government of Brazil, the U.S. Forest Service and a host of Brazilian implementing partners.  The program is monitored through six USAID Standard Biodiversity Indicators and ten custom indicators specific to the PCAB, along with individual activity-level monitoring conducted by partners.  The sixteen PCAB indicators covered in this document are required as applicable.  

Through fifteen frequently asked questions, this resource clarifies how and when to apply PCAB indicators.  A decision tree guides implementing partners in consistently and appropriately reporting on three "PCAB Area Indicators" where number of hectares are reported for interventions meeting different thresholds of intervention intensity and intended result.  A simple mapping protocol provides implementing partners a way of applying a consistent approach to measuing intervention area using freely available tools and software.  The FAQ also includes guidance on establishing buffer areas and measuring area for irregular or dynamic areas of field-based interventions.

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