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Community Contribution

Tips to Adaptively Manage in Dynamic Contexts

David Jacobstein

These tips are part of a series of tips and resources to support context-driven adaptation in programming. For other resources, see the public version of the Context-Driven Adaptation Collection or the internal staff version.

This note collects a few tips, from those who have managed partnerships as AORs or CORs, on how to effectively manage an activity that is intended to adapt to the power dynamics and incentive structures of its context as they change, or “Think and Work Politically.” While much attention has been paid to reducing barriers and setting up mechanisms to better work in this way (including some other tips ) and on adaptive management in general (including through USAID’s Collaborating, Learning and Adapting or CLA approach), proactively undertaking this role is less studied. This note aims to suggest some ways of thinking and approaching management of USAID programming that can allow such activities to function as effectively as possible.

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