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USAID Contribution

USAID Education Strategy 2011-2015


The first resource provides readers with an overview of USAID's Education Strategy 2011 to 2015. It shows how sectors at AID integrate monitoring and evaluation, with clear goals, results (now development objectives) and activities, as well as good inter-sectoral integration elements.

The Education Strategy Implementation Guidance serves as the primary reference tool for Missions and other operating units to address questions that may arise during the implementation of the strategy. The Implementation Guidance is also supplemented by two key documents that can be found online: Technical Notes and Reference Materials. The Technical Notes provide more in depth guidance on critical issues of alignment and project design approaches that enable counting toward global goals. The Reference Materials offer field staff a range of relevant research studies and reports that may shed light on the issues and methodologies referenced in this document. These documents have been prepared in consultation with USAID regional bureaus and some individual Missions. In preparing the documents, a host of complex policy, technical, statistical and management subjects were reviewed and addressed. The results strike a balance among rigor, practicality, and appropriateness. As the strategy is implemented, USAID and its partners will learn from this work, and USAID will revise these documents accordingly.

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