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How (and Why) is USAID Learning? Listen to Episode 3 of the USAID Learning Lab Podcast

Apr 25, 2017
Amy Leo

In fall 2016, USAID updated its operational policy to reflect its commitment to organizational learning. So how is USAID learning? And why does learning matter? Episode 3 of the USAID Learning Lab podcast zeroes in on the “L” in collaborating, learning and adapting at the project and organizational levels.

First, we look at learning at the project level. Listen as Nathan Morrow, an associate research professor at Tulane University and finalist in the 2016 CLA Case Competition, explains how a resilience project in Somalia is using data collected via mobile communication technology to inform real-time program adaptations. Click here to learn more about this CLA in action case study.

And next, USAID LEARN monitoring, evaluation, research and learning specialists Laura Ahearn and Matthew Baker discuss their research on a tool used throughout USAID for intentional and systematic learning at the organizational level: learning agendas. Click here to read about Matt and Laura’s research findings.

In closing, USAID Learning Lab members share why learning matters to them. Click here to create your own USAID Learning Lab profile and add your “Learning matters because…” quote. Or, meet other USAID Learning Lab members.

We appreciate your feedback on this episode! Tweet us at @USAIDlearning or add a comment to this blog post. To be notified when new episodes are available, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. To get caught up on previous episodes, listen to Episode 1: How USAID is Hacking International Development from the Inside Out and Episode 2: Stop, Collaborate and Listen.

P.S. This episode also contains our first-ever USAID Learning Lab podcast commercial! Click here to view the video version and learn more about the CLA Case Competition, which kicks off on Monday, May 1 and lasts until Friday, June 16, 2017.