Leaders in Learning Series Finale: the Future of Organizational Learning in International Development

Jul 17, 2018 by Piers Bocock, Stacey Young Comments (0)

In the Leaders in Learning series, we sought to address a number of key learning questions related to the value of systematic, intentional and resourced organizational learning and knowledge management to improved development outcomes.

Here's what we covered:

In this episode, the series finale, we hear from some of our thought leader contributors about the keys to the future of organizational learning in development. Today’s contributors are:

  • Gwen Hines, until recently the Director for International Relations, DFID
  • Kerry Albright, Chief of Research Facilitation & KM, UNICEF
  • Thom Sinclair, of CGAP, funded by the MasterCard Foundation and housed at the World Bank
  • Tony Pryor, Senior Advisor, USAID/PPL

Listen as we discuss promising practices in the areas of collaborating, learning and adapting. 

We hope you enjoy this final episode of the series, and that you’ve found the series interesting and informative.  As always, we welcome your thoughts, questions, and feedback.

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