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USAID Contribution

Countering Disinformation Programming Virtual Session

The Center for Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

The spread of false or misleading information through digital and social media platforms exacerbates societal conflicts, pollutes information flows and civic discourse during political processes, may adversely impact physical and mental well-being, and in some of the most tragic cases, has been a factor to spinning up violent activity around the world.


Join us and our partners (ICFJ, Cardiff University, Meedan, and the Institute for Public Policy) to explore the Agency’s experimental work to mitigate the adverse effects of disinformation and malign influences, and shore up the power of journalism and information in the public good under the ‘Advancing Integrity in Media’ Broad Agency Announcement. We will hear from partners on how their activities have sought to “beat disinformation at its own game” by helping independent journalism break through a clamorous, crowded media space with fact-checking, investigative research, digital  forensics, and open source intelligence to conduct broad public media education campaigns.


Click on the resource links to the right to view the session recording and/or access the transcript.

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