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Community Contribution

Tips for Solicitations to Invite Context-Driven Adaptive Programming

David Jacobstein

These tips are designed to help staff improve their solicitations to match context-driven, adaptive designs and intent. The tips in this document can be tailored to acquisition or assistance approaches. There is no evidence that context-driven adaptive programming is better suited for a particular award type. The tips are laid out across several common sections or aspects of solicitations, though the format of solicitations can vary widely by the type of award anticipated.

The tips document offers suggestions spanning most sections of a typical solicitation to better weave in Thinking and Working Politically. The tips document contains embedded links to excerpts from a set of solicitations that model good practice. You can also find a summary of all the excerpts from real solicitations, and links onward to the public posting of those solicitations on Fed Biz Ops or, as the second attachment.

Keywords: Political economy analysis, thinking and working politically, PEA, TWP, adaptation, solicitation, RFA, RFP, NOFO, tips, adaptive programming, adaptive management, context-driven

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