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USAID Contribution

Data Placemat Resources for R/CDCS Mid-course Stocktakings and Portfolio Reviews


This suite of data placemat resources is intended to provide tools and guidance to facilitate data-driven discussions during portfolio reviews and R/CDCS Mid-course Stocktakings. A data placemat is a single sheet of paper that presents a collection of data visualizations (i.e., charts, graphs, tables) about a specific theme or category using an intentional structure. The resources include:

  • Data Placemat Chapeau discussing why data placemats can be useful and tips to keep in mind when creating your own
  • Data Placemat Template
  • Data Placemat Pre-Meeting Facilitation Plan
  • Data Placemat Scavenger Hunt Activity Facilitation Plan

We welcome feedback on the resources! If you have any comments or feedback, please email [email protected].

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