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How-To Note: Planning and Conducting Site Visits


This How-To Note supplements USAID's Automated Directives System (ADS) It lists Agency requirements for programmatic site visits, identifies practical steps and effective practices for planning and conducting a site visit, and recommends follow-up actions once a site visit has taken place. This How-To Note is intended as a resource for Missions and Washington Operating Units (OUs). The primary audience is Contracting Officer’s Representatives and Agreement Officer’s Representatives (CORs/AORs). However, the guidance may also be relevant for any USAID staff member asked to conduct a site visit, such as an Activity Manager. This document may also serve as a helpful reference for other Mission or Washington OU staff, such as Project Managers, Program Office staff, Support Office staff, Monitoring and Evaluation points of contact (M&E POCs), and Learning Advisors.

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