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This paper provides an outline for how to leverage evaluation as a strategic tool for the revitalization of U.S. foreign assistance.
Library Resource | Jan 1, 2010 | Technical Resources
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The first resource provides readers with an overview of USAID's Education Strategy 2011 to 2015. It shows how sectors at AID integrate monitoring and evaluation, with clear goals, results (now development objectives) and activities, as well as good inter-sectoral... read more
Library Resource | Feb 1, 2011 | Policy Documents
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Alps is the Accountability, Learning, and Planning System of ActionAid International. Alps is a framework that sets out the key accountability requirements, guidelines and processes in ActionAid International, not only in terms of organisational processes for planning,... read more
Library Resource | Jan 1, 2011 | Reference
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This document illuminates CARE's approach to learning, akin to the CLA.
Library Resource | Jan 1, 2008 | Technical Resources
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This resource captures some of the learning from the Emergency Capacity Building Project's experience of collaboration. This resource may be used as a reference tool for developing a consortium or for strengthening an existing collaboration among emergency response agencies... read more
Library Resource | Jul 31, 2012 | Technical Resources
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This document provides a brief overview of the Emergency Capacity Building Project and an introduction to their resource: What We Know About Collaboration: the ECB country consortium experience.
Library Resource | Jul 1, 2012 | Technical Resources
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This report reviews the key attributes of Learning for Change in the Asian Development Bank (ADB); marks out generic roadblocks to learning; assimilates the manifold dimensions of the learning organization; and specifies how action across organization, people, knowledge,... read more
Library Resource | Mar 1, 2009 | Lessons Learned
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This non-prescriptive framework was developed on the basis of practical constraints, experiences, and lessons-learned from about 50 IFAD-supported projects in East and Southern Africa. This framework consolidates the eleven cornerstones to integrating knowledge management... read more
Library Resource | Jan 1, 2011 | Technical Resources
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This Power Point Presentation maps the knowledge acquisition process at Rolls Royce. This presentation highlights how they use key knowledge management tools to learn, as well as retain and share knowledge.
Library Resource | Jan 1, 2010 | Lessons Learned


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